Ihusul ela harruk sakhif! Don't just stand around like camels! Put your backs into it, you motherfuckers!

—Zarak Al-Ahmad

Zarak Al-Ahmad was a rotund, foul-mouthed Deyazi man who worked within the coastal city of Masara. He was a self-styled provisioner of missions, quests and all manner of undertakings fit only for those who would call themselves by the then newly relevant title of adventurer.

For an arguably fair share of the rewards and valuable items acquired on such tasks, he became incredibly well-known for his ability to provide opportunities that others would never simply stumble upon.

He had seemingly endless connections within the city he operated, with friends in all manner of circles and a rough charm that won him favour almost everywhere he went. During the early years of the Blessed Era, whenever somebody had a problem that required the help of adventurers and willing fighters, Zarak was the man that heard about it first.