The Wayseer Order, also known natively as the Urdau Augama, was a secretive Elven monastic order founded during the Arcane Era. It was devoted to the construction of mysterious towers across the Arcadian Heartlands. Although unknown at the time, its members, through their blessed blood, were capable of receiving visions from Heaven, more specifically from the Archangel Israphel himself.

The Order would go on to construct hundreds of towers across the Empire. Although the real nature of their order would never be revealed, their vast influence and secretive nature awarded them freedom to move and authority over even the strongest leaders of the Alvyri. It was a popular saying that Emperors and beggars alike feared the counsel of the Wayseers.

They were mostly left alone, even by the highest authorities of the Alvyri due to the mysterious powers they were seen to possess. They were avoided by commoners as well due to the violent spasms and fits they often suffered when receiving visions from above, seemingly at random times.


Internally, the order was led by the All-seer, or the Aunyth, who served as an administrator and director of operations for the constructions of the order. Under them were three Muoraunyth, later translated by the Elves as Skyseers, or Heavenly Sentinels. These positions were meant to direct operations on a regional basis. Largely, the leadership positions had nothing to do with receiving visions from above. Realistically, any member of the order could receive a vision from above at Israphel's will.

If a member of the order received a vision or request, they would inform the order and a council would be called to discuss the proceedings. The council would go on to act on every order sent to them from above. The actual purpose of the meeting was to prepare arrangements and decide on groups, rather than to deliberate on the feasibility, or the willingness to accept the order. In this way, the Wayseer Order acted as Israphel's eyes and ears on Esria in its infancy, and would continue to do so until the death of the last Wayseer.

The Death of the Order

Although the majority of the Order would go on to die in the Fire Ritual of Londorwyn, one would escape the destruction of the continent and flee to West Astria, where their bloodline would continue.

Volodar Taltherion was the last member of the Wayseer Order, and the last mortal on Esria blessed enough to bear the bloodline. He was heavily involved in the Heartstone Crisis, guiding the divine champions of the Archangel Israphel to their final battle at Londorwyn. He was ultimately captured by the fallen angel Zuriel and killed. The potency of his blood was later used to fuel the ritual that would destroy the plane of Esria and open up Heaven to the Army of the Dead. With his death, the Wayseer Order finally came to an end.