Jonathan Sebastian Smythe, alias Vinere, was a travelling Human spearman and later privateer in service of the Empire of Greater Vesryn. He was a renowned warrior and evocation mage known for his sense of justice and order, and was incredibly talented in the use of the spear.

In the early years of the Imperial Era he served aboard the infamous Vesryne privateer Revenge as it journeyed to northern Khairys to curtail the frequent pirate activity there. He would later leave the crew for personal reasons.

In 1606 I.E, Jonathan travelled to the northern shores of the Isle of Valgran.



Jonathan stood at an average height for a human, with a strong build reinforced by years of hard fighting in the service of the crown. In the Imperial Era he dressed himself in the fashion of the century, wearing a variety of shirts, vests and coats, and frequently wore a mask to cover his appearance, which was altogether weathered and old.

He carried a large oak longspear with a haft fashioned by the shipwrights of the Revenge as a parting gift, although was known to carry a backup concealed in an unusual grey threaded cloth.


Jonathan was known as a very secretive man, keeping much from his compatriots despite fighting alongside them. Despite his quiet nature, he was observant, patient and thoroughly good hearted. When he did speak, it was only when he deemed it of the utmost importance to do so, and was noted by some of his crew-mates to be particularly wise.