Seirya Erys was an Elven adventurer and formidable duellist prominent during the early years of the Blessed Era. She travelled the world under the alias of the Unseen Blade until the Asevian Invasion of 1416 B.E, during which time she fought alongside heroes to drive back the forces of Escha Artaryan.

After the death of her husband Ishka Vural Yasar in 1460 B.E, she slowly faded into obscurity and focused on nurturing the family that they had created. Rumours eventually came to exist that she had sought a new living as a mercenary.









Academics and Arrogance

Seirya was admitted by merit into the Leobische Royal College of the Arts in 1401 B.E, during which time she studied academic fencing underneath the renowned duellist and fencing grandmaster Ansel Wolff. She proved herself to be a highly competent fighter with an outstanding and unique grasp of the techniques involved, and despite her age, soon she was developing her own ways to fight under the watchful eye of her teacher. Initially humbled by the scale of all that she had yet to learn, and homesick for the very first time, she became a model student for her first year.

As the years passed, however, the young elf grew increasingly frustrated with the pace of her teachings. Her arrogant attitude and overconfident nature resurfaced, as she believed herself far more skilled than she was allowed to be, but still she proved unable to best her mentor in a duel. Wolff would often comment on her shortsightedness, urging her to calm her temperament and study as all others had done before her, but she would rarely listen.

Instead, against her mentor's instruction, she spent hours in study circumventing the slow pace of her teachings. In secret, she researched forgotten techniques and new alternatives to all that she had tried before. As hours became weeks, and weeks became months, she grew increasingly frustrated until finally, her salvation came in the form of a dusty manual instructing in the use of martial magic. Although possessing only a small amount of latent magical ability, Seirya was able to develop a promising new trick that would give her the advantage in any duel she would enter. Over time it would become her signature skill, the Unseen Blade, which in turn would become the namesake of her deadly alias.

Her mentor proved unimpressed with her ability, even after she managed to gain the upper hand in a duel, and was greatly disappointed in his most promising student. Explaining that she had pushed herself for the wrong reasons, only for his words to fall on pointed ears too stubborn to listen, Wolff suspended his tutelage of the young elf. With the victory that she had worked so hard for instead feeling like a frustratingly hollow defeat, Seirya left behind the college on the very same night, with her sword in hand and her pride greatly wounded.

The Unseen Blade

No longer content to stay in Leoben, Seirya dedicated herself to travelling across all of Western Astria, journeying through the continent with little more than her savings in gold and her ornate silver rapier. Rather than continue to indulge in teaching that felt like a waste of her time, the elf decided to take her skill on the road and regain much of the pride she had lost.

Seirya still could not understand the full extent of her feelings, and slowly grew more introverted and sour. She made a habit of stopping in every town she would pass, seeking out any notable fighters or duellists and challenging them accordingly. Utilising her exceptional talents, along with years of precise training, academic knowledge and her own signature skill, she was a fearsome and unmatched opponent that remained undefeated.

Rumours spread about her conquests, with word of a skilled duellist able to best any opponent in one move, travelling far and wide. By the time that she had arrived in Medira, in 1415 B.E, her legend had already been cemented. She was known as the Unseen Blade, a renowned fighter who could win a fight in a single strike so fast that her sword would virtually disappear.

Still unsatisfied, she pursued rumours of exotic fighting styles in the southern continent of Eliya and sailed to the coastal city of Masara in 1416 B.E. It was there that she stayed, finding a wealth of adventurers and aspiring heroes to come to blows with. Although many provided a challenge, she often narrowly remained undefeated even against great talents and exceptional heroes that were destined to become significant.

Eventually, she witnessed the Asevian Invasion first hand and joined up with the five heroes that would go on to bring the conflict to an end. As part of their crew, she would learn to see the world in a different light, and gain a new reason to fight. It was also during this adventure that she met the man that was to become her husband, Ishka Vural Yasar, although they shared a tumultuous and uneasy relationship to begin with. He remained one of the only combatants to ever best her in a duel.