"Be not afraid."

This article, Phoenixes, contains information that is far beyond the reach of any mortal in Esria. Most characters simply do not know these truths.

Phoenixes were mythic beings inherently tied to the fate of Esria, and were more closely linked to the mortal realm than any known magical creature.

They were immediately born into the world after the creation of Esria by the Archangels, although not by design. They were born of the latent energy of the plane, and were capable of utilising the natural energies of the world. As such, they preferred to inhabit the regions of southern Arcadia where such aetherial currents were strongest.

Their powers were the subject of much speculation throughout history, but were generally considered to have very few limits. Some scholars even speculated that Phoenixes may have held the power of creation, a gift considered to be exclusive to the Archangels.


Physical Description

Phoenixes were much larger than the average Esrian bird, although considerably lighter. They were identifiable by their feathers, which were capable of bursts of combustion, despite radiating a heatless flame at all times. Their connection to the aetherial energies of the world allowed them to perform great magical feats. As the flames of their coat were magical in nature, Phoenixes radiated aether and would over time have to regenerate and replenish the magical energy of their flame.

Phoenix feathers were a deep red colour and unignited at their weakest, and a glowing yellow at their strongest. Their flames were not harmful to the touch, but were rumoured to emanate a soothing warmth.


Speculated Origins

Phoenixes were first discovered in southern Arcadia, particularly on the island of Agaroth, where the Anari civilisation came into being. At their height during the Era of Discord, they roosted almost exclusively atop the peaks of Baranar, due to the font of magical energy that could be found there. They would come to develop close relations with the Humans of the Kingdom of Agaroth.


Phoenixes were entirely wiped out during the Fire Ritual of Londorwyn, but their souls were unable to be trapped by the carmine energies. Few feathers survived into the Imperial Era, most notably atop Luin, the legendary spear carried by many heroes throughout Esria's history.