Magic, though thin, is very much alive in this world. We would do well to harness it.

—Miravir, speaking of magic during the Heartstone Crisis

Miravir was a young argent dragon born of the legendary Exegon the White. She later took the name Miria Faulkner after years spent at the side of her adoptive father and guardian Cyril Faulkner, and grew to hold a great affinity for human life.



Confident, wise and possessing a potent flair for magic, Miravir was an inexperienced but powerful dragon who sought to see good prevail in the world.

As she spent year after year by the side of the young wizard Cyril Faulkner, protected from the evil that had claimed her father's life, she grew affectionate for the mortal world and all that it held. As a result, she began to love the human form she had initially been forced to adopt, and chose to remain human for the majority of her life.


Miravir was small for her race, but a fierce specimen of a dragon nonetheless. Her body was covered in tough silver-blue scales, and she bore two large horns at the crest of her head. Four legs granted her great movement, along with two grand wings and a muscled, prehensile tail.

As a human, Miravir was a beautiful young woman of fair skin, ice blue eyes and silver-blue hair which shone with a similarly steely hue. Her slender and featureless frame was adorned by black robe-like garments, decorated with dull gold symbols, and she stood with an impressively collected posture worthy of her noble draconic origins.

She carried a black ash staff bound tightly with worn steel, the head of which was adorned by the golden head of an ancient looking dragon, and a small spellbook could be found at her belt. Those attuned to magic found it difficult to ignore the invisible aura that bound itself firmly to her presence, as it was palpable even to the most null of individuals.