"Bide your time if you wish to be successful. Strike too soon, and be destroyed."

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Magic was the broad term applied to the mysterious and powerful energies that existed within Esria and beyond.

Practice of Magic

Classical Schools

  • Abjuration
  • Conjuration
  • Divination
  • Enchantment
  • Evocation
  • Illusion
  • Transmutation

New Disciplines

  • Blood Magic
  • Carmine Magic
  • Time Magic
  • Awakening Magic
  • Mysticism

Magical Energies


Mana is the energy manipulated by magic to achieve a desired outcome.


Aether is the pure energy remaining from the world's creation. As it radiates outwards from the core of the six planes, it loses a large amount of its potential and most of the aether becomes mana. In this state, those sensitive to magic can detect it, harness it and otherwise utilise it.

Very rarely, individuals gain the innate ability to sense aether itself. Gabrielle Moreau was one such practitioner, able to see deeper into the threads of mana in order to decipher and unravel the aether beneath.


Magic was present in the world as early as it had been created, but very little recorded history existed before the end of the Era of Discord.

The Arcane Era was named for the sudden resurgence of mana in Esria, and the subsequent rush to study and understand it. It was widely accepted to have been the first time that the pure aether within the mortal plane had developed into mana.

The effect that it had on the world was unprecedented, leading to an era of change. Magical beasts of all kinds began to appear.

The College of Magic was founded in the Vesryne city of Emberstrand in 323 A.E.

It quickly became the foremost authority on both the study and teaching of magic, with its growing larger and expanding to many parts of the world for hundreds of years after its founding.

By the time of the Imperial Era, it had actively begun to found new colleges across the world to teach magic.