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Let these golden walls stand once more. Let all know that there is a fire that will never go out, and a home for all who have none. Never again shall Londorwyn fall to ruin.

—Empress Emryn the Everburning

The Golden City of Londorwyn, once known as Elyn Vandryl, was the capital of the Empire of Ivryl. It was an ancient city once left decimated and reduced to rubble in 381 A.E, at the hands of Amras Vorosaer, former emperor of the Alyvri Arcadia. With deep rends in the earth and catastrophic damage as a result of a greatly destructive ritual, it was left undiscovered for eras and abandoned even longer. Hope came when it was ordered to be rebuilt in 1381 C.E at the request of the last Everchosen and the city's subsequent ruler, Emryn Ashbury.

Much like the empire it stood watch over, Londorwyn was populated by denizens of Arcadia who walked many different paths of life. When the Empire of Ivryl was founded in 1383 B.E, it was declared to be a home for those who no longer had a home in Arcadia due to damages inflicted during the Long Night or simple misfortune that still persisted after its end. The Everchosen Emryn Ashbury, the first Empress of Ivryl, announced to all that Londorwyn would welcome any and all with open arms, but she made sure to prioritise the survivors of the dragon attack that destroyed the Kingdom of Yndria.



At the height of its golden age, Londorwyn was the centre of the Alvyri Arcadia. It was a grand capital city that saw incredible activity, with millions of souls passing through during its lifetime.


Londorwyn was a city with an incredibly unique appearance, being a direct mixture of contemporary Vesryne architecture and ancient Vandrylian buildings from the time of the Arcane Era. One of the most easily distinguishable features of the city was its grand Elven spires. They reached high into the sky with impressive decorations and patterns cut into their white stone, and had undergone restoration work on numerous occasions. They made for a unique skyline, showcasing the very finest architecture of the ancient Elves who once lived within the walls of the city.

Huge pools existed at the lowest point of the city, where countless waterfalls spilled forth clear waters. They were constructed above deep rends in the earth, scars from the Fire Ritual which formed caverns and crags under the city before their eventual repair. Filling in the land to create space to build on was a task which made up a significant portion of the reconstruction effort.