"Bide your time if you wish to be successful. Strike too soon, and be destroyed."

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The King's Order was a highly trained military order that was established in the earliest years of the Kingdom of Vesryn in order to protect both the realm and its ruler. Over time, it grew to become a tool by which the current sovereign could enact their will, especially after Vesryn's reformation into an Empire.

Although its composition changed many times throughout its extensive history, it could always be described as a personal retinue of the crown. It was comprised primarily of knights that acted as an elite guard for the throne or a special force to be applied wherever necessary.


Structure and Composition

Court Wizards


Knight Captains



Kingdom of Vesryn (312 A.E - 1456 B.E)

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Empire of Greater Vesryn (1457 B.E)

no. 2 regiment the king's order

the ones who serve the one who controls time

Notable Members

  • Aliza Lowenhart was a court wizard who served the crown of Vesryn during the Common Era. Hailing from a famous noble family of formidable magic users, she was a trusted advisor and friend of King Edric I, and had a similar relationship with his queen, Esther I, especially after she took his place. She was incredibly well known for her fire magic and her distinctive red hair, and she would often make public appearances to promote the arcane arts despite the decline of magic from the world.
  • Sir Oryn Locke served as a knight-captain of the Order for the majority of his life, serving throughout the tempestuous years of the Heartstone Crisis and onwards into the early years of the Blessed Era. He was released from his oath in 1413 B.E.