Arcadia is a nice place, sure, but I want to see the world!

—Jaeryn of Ivryl

Jaeryn Ashbury, often known simply as Jaeryn of Ivryl, was an adventurer during the early years of the Blessed Era, and a fierce practitioner of martial magic. She was the daughter of Emryn Ashbury and Orwell Brinyrd, and later ascended to become the second Empress of Ivryl at the end of the year 1416 B.E.

In 1472 B.E, she was assassinated by unknown assailants, leading to the rapid dissolution of the Empire of Ivryl.


During her childhood, she was widely perceived to have been an orphan of unknown origin, whose parents died prematurely as a consequence of damage to their souls during the Heartstone Crisis. The truth would not come to light for years to come, buried beneath the turmoil and strife that was threatening to tear Ivryl apart at the time rumours began to circulate.

She greatly admired her mother Emryn Ashbury and actively attempted to follow in her footsteps. She taught herself martial magic after displaying a certain aptitude for the arcane arts, but found great difficulty without a certain degree of tuition.

She was known to have crossed paths with the wanderer Cuthwin Tiller, many years after his departure from Londorwyn and subsequent disappearance, but chose not to inform anyone of the discovery. Instead, she took his side and swore to aid him in his own quest to reclaim Luin, the Phoenix Spear, and uncover the identity of the unknown forces operating in Eliya. With great reluctance, the old ranger found himself forced to agree.