This page aims to collect and present concise definitions of names, terms and other such concepts frequently mentioned in the campaign setting of Esria and also here on the wiki. It will be able to serve as a quick reference or a guide to make terminology and lore much more accessible.

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the purest form of magical energy, found in every plane created by the Resonance. Could not be sensed by normal mortal life, but created more useable mana as it decayed.
an advanced air vehicle resembling a conventional wooden hulled sailing ship utilising a magical core to take flight. First developed by Vesryn during the late Common Era; able to sail by wind at sea or by magical augmentation in the air.
powerful celestial beings that resided in the Heavens, created by a higher order of beings known as Archangels.
the highest order of celestial being, solely responsible for the creation of Esria. Also the most powerful kind of angel in existence.


Blue Lilies
a somewhat archaic and often derogatory nickname attributed to the Order of the Ermine Sepulchre during the time it served under the Kingdom of Yndria.
Book of Vadym
the name given to the Old Tome in Septist preachings. Although the exact wording of the book was altered drastically, the overall account of the Heavens remained mostly similar.


Church of the East
a branch of Adenism in Eastern Astria subscribing to different practices and vastly different interpretations of the words contained within the Old Tome. By the time of the Imperial Era, it was one of the only religions still openly worshipping the Heavens.
Church of the Heavens
the most popular form of Adenism practiced on Esria, dominant for most of its history. Focused on worship of the Heavens and the Archangels.
Church of the Imperial Creed
a religion based on ancient drudism that was created in the early Blessed Era, rising to its peak during the time of the Empire of Greater Vesryn. It aimed to completely dismantle the worship of the Heavens.


a form of celestial being also known as infernals that were sealed in Hell. Immensely powerful avatars of chaos and mindless destruction, spawned by the entity known as the Devourer; held at bay only by the sacrifice of countless mortal souls by the Archangels.
a race of minor celestial beings sometimes called abyssals; inhabited the plane of Purgatory, known to collect souls through binding contracts when summoned. Often preyed on the souls of recently deceased mortals passing through the Weighing Halls.


Holy Lord 
the title of the Archangels as known by their servants.


magical energy which mages and wizards manipulated to create spells. Could be naturally sensed by mortals with magical affinity; also a weaker form of aether created by magical decay.


the name given to lesser angels created by Archangels to serve Heaven and its interests. They often represented aspects of the Holy Lord that created them.


a member of the Gilded Faith.
Old Tome
the holy book of the Church of the Heavens, said to be the word of the prophet Aden who walked among the angels and returned at the beginning of the Era of Harvest to tell the mortal realm of their existence.