The Fire Ritual of Londorwyn, also referred to in some older texts as The Binding, was an ancient and devastatingly destructive carmine ritual performed in 381 A.E. It was the event that decimated the entire Arcadian Heartlands and extinguished most life on the continent as a whole, including the dominant Alyvri Vandryl.

According to Arcadian legends, the ritual was carried out by by the most powerful arcanists in the Alvyri Vandryl. Over two-hundred men and women of various races came together from all corners of the Empire in order to take part.


Amras' Deception

At the time that it had been decided, the population of the Alvyri Vandryl did not know that the ritual would bring about their untimely destruction. As it was publicly presented, the ritual was to involve the binding of an ancient dragon's soul to the fate of Elyn Vandryl, an act which was said to be capable of ensuring luck and prosperity for centuries to come. Emperor Amras Vorosaer, however, was weaving an entirely different spell.

Dissatisfied with having simple and distinctly material power, Amras' greed and lust for something more had attracted the attention of the fallen Archangel Netheriel, who cloaked himself in an Elven guise and quickly set about seducing the emperor with dreams of immortality. This was exactly what Amras sought most, and his desire to attain it made him all too susceptible to the corrupting power of Netheriel's newly created carmine magic.

After learning from the fallen Archangel that he could harness the raw power of the ancient dragon's soul directly, rather than simply bind it, Amras weaved a web of lies and deceit in order to trick his people into believing that the soul would be used for the good of the Empire.

The Fire Ritual

Although the details of the ritual remained unknown, its effects were clear. From the uttering of the final incantation, a tremendous arcane explosion centred on the emperor, erupted in a fiery wave of unstoppable destruction. The blast wiped the entirety of the Arcadian Heartlands clean of life, enveloping most of the surrounding islands before stopping just shy of Yndria.

The power of the ancient dragon's soul had had an unprecedented effect on the ritual, imbuing it with far more destructive energy than any carmine ritual that would take place afterwards, but it remained carmine in nature. As such, every soul consumed in the fire was trapped and given to Amras, whose very heart and body had been transformed into a carmine heartstone. The souls that now suffered and burned inside of the Elven emperor granted him immortality and the potential energy to become a living god.

Amras soon discovered, however, that his mortal body could no longer withstand the overwhelming energy that was growing inside of him as souls were converted into carmine energy. As such, he used his new power to fashion himself a new body, free of flesh, that could withstand it. In doing so, he played perfectly into Netheriel's hands, who took control of his new carmine form and consigned it to slumber in undeath. Amras' body would remain dormant until his awakening one thousand years later during the Long Night in 1381 C.E, during which time he was able to act independently until becoming a sacrifice to Netheriel's power.