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This article, Angels, contains information that is far beyond the reach of any mortal in Esria. Most characters simply do not know these truths.

Angels were an order of powerful celestial beings that resided in the Heavens above. They were eternally faithful and tirelessly devoted to the service of their Holy Lords, and could be found depicted on works of art throughout the world, from tapestries and paintings to stained glass windows and statues in churches and basilicas. Although interpretations differed from culture to culture, they were always depicted as being adorned in white, with striking silver hair, silver eyes and wings to match.

They were far more numerous than the four Archangels responsible for the creation of Esria and all life upon it, but possessed only a fraction of their power. Most significantly, they were forbidden from using the powers of creation. Despite this, Angels were given dominion over hugely important tasks, and were said to possess staggering amounts of influence beyond anything normally seen in the world of Esria.

According to the Old Tome, both Angels and Seraphs alike were given life by an Archangel, known as their Holy Lord or Holy Father in older scriptures.

List of Angels mentioned in the Old Tome

Servants of Aethidus

  • The Angel Amiel, of love and fertility
  • The Angel Adriel, of nature

Servants of Demelea

  • The Angel Asariel, the Flame Keeper, was an angel fiercely loyal to the Archangel Demelea. She was known as the Sentinel of the Sun, the guardian angel of Medira, and was charged with maintaining the light of the sun itself. She was one of the most commonly depicted angels, shown to have had the sun between her gentle palms.
  • The Angel Lyriel, of joy and wealth
  • The Angel Sarael, of magic and learning

Servants of Cethell

  • The Angel Remiel, given dominion over matters of justice and punishment, was a common patron angel of establishments dealing with the law. She was depicted as the divine being holding a set of smaller scales at the right hand of Cethell.
  • The Angel Epheriel, said to be charged with maintaining the flow of time, was depicted as the divine being at the left hand of Cethell holding an hourglass of silver sand. She was responsible for the resurrection of Escha Artaryan, through the binding of her soul to the great red dragon known as the Mountain Tyrant, and her divine orders would create the Asevian Invasion.

Servants of Israphel

  • The Angel Neriel, of duty, loyalty and obedience. She fought at Israphel's side wherever needed, though after suffering grave wounds in a planar skirmish with demons, she was reborn some time in the Blessed Era.

Other Angels

Servants of Netheriel

  • The Angel Raziel, of protection. He was once a servant of the Archangel Netheriel, tasked with the maintenance of the celestial barrier between the mortal planes and the underplanes. After he fell from grace, following his Holy Lord's exile to serve him further, the barrier was hastily maintained by servants of the other Archangels. He was reborn at the end of the Long Night, beginning life free of sin under the close watch of a new Holy Lord, Israphel.
  • The Angel Zuriel, of perception and wisdom, was also a servant of Netheriel before his fall. He was charged with the task of managing the Underworld, and the consignment of souls to Hell. He disappeared shortly after Netheriel was banished, and eventually was able to steal the magic of the Devils in order to create carmine magic. Like Raziel, he too was reborn at the end of the Long Night.