Every tale has an end.

An Esrian Tale IV: Wrath of the World Beyond, or simply ET4, is the ongoing final chapter of the world of Esria. It is the last instalment in the series, set nearly two hundred years after the events of Dragon's Legacy.

It tells a dark story that both celebrates and challenges what it means to be a hero, with four of Esria's most capable heroes risking everything to save the world from complete annihilation.



By the year 1606 of the Imperial Era, the world of Esria had entered a new age of technology and innovation. The majority of its people had long since turned away from the light of Heaven, choosing modern faith over the traditional religions that had all too often sat idle through chaos. Mortals unquestionably ruled over the new world, with druidic gods that safely existed under their thumb.

The Empire of Greater Vesryn, headed by the cold-hearted immortal Emperor Lucièn, spearheaded a new church that was rapidly spreading across its ever expanding domain. It ruled the former state of Ostia and most of Saint-Astan with ruthless order and control, enforcing the values of its Imperial Creed and rejecting outright the claimed excesses of the Heavens. Resistance was met with the thunder of cannon and shot, mortal inventions that struck fear into the hearts of even the most battle hardened soldiers.

New deities from outside the mortal realm blessed the lands of Vesryn's great empire and beyond, especially wherever druidism was flourishing. They were bound and anchored by the mystical powers of Tarot magic, an enigmatic arcane art that had been developed over hundreds of years.

In the absence of Heaven's protection, however, and unbeknownst to those on the mortal plane, the divine barrier protecting Esria was fading fast, threatening to leave all life dangerously vulnerable to incredible powers previously kept at bay. New enemies soon conspired to bring untold destruction, and the last bitter fragment of an old nemesis still threatened to send everything into irreversible chaos.

The world once again called on its greatest heroes, and those that were destined to prove themselves worthy to stand beside them.

The Isle of Fog

The Isle of Valgran was a wintry and relatively remote isle sitting north of Ostia, known to traders and locals as the Isle of Fog. In a bygone era, it had been a territory of the Kingdom of Vesryn, who used it primarily as a military asset. Castles and forts were constructed to defend the isle in times of conflict, but it ultimately served as a base for airships, as well as an ideal location to construct them. As Vesryn's dominance of the skies grew to indomitable levels in the late 16th century, Valgran's sturdy winterwoods became a crucial resource for the shipbuilding industry.

It was upon this isle that the last Esrian tale would begin.

The late hours of the 4th of November were just like so many other nights that had passed on Valgran. It was a cold and dark night, where the wind and snow had combined to create a chilling snowstorm, and most of the isle's inhabitants had retreated inside to seek warmth and rest. Most had already succumbed to sleep.

At the edge of the coastal town of Havelport, however, a young girl named Ariel Aldwyn was sitting alone in her cabin. Unable to sleep, she had taken to watching the stars out of her window and silently praying for better times to fall upon her town. It was then that the sky lit up with the bright streaks of shooting stars, cutting through the night with brighter trails than ever.

While most passed by eventually, there was one that remained. Growing steadily larger and brighter until it became a stunningly luminous ball of white light, this single shooting star escaped the night sky, sharply turned and fell away out of sight. Knowing that the star must have landed nearby, the girl immediately donned her winter attire and left the warmth and safety of her cabin to try and investigate what must have been some kind of sign.

The Beginning of the End


Heaven's Last Command



The Party

Allies and Acquaintances


Sessions and Structure

The Isle of Fog (1st September 2018)

  1. "The Beginning of the End"
  2. "Silence is Golden"
  3. "Point of No Return"
  4. "From the Ashes"
  5. "Into the Fire"
  6. "Out From Below"
  7. "Heroes of Havelport"
  8. "My Fair Lady"
  9. "The Calm Before the Storm"
  10. "In Loving Memory"

The Last Command (17th November 2018)

  1. "The Night the Sky Burned"
  2. "Road to Ruin"
  3. "Fragments of the Past"
  4. "Birds of a Feather"
  5. "Hollow Remorse"
  6. "Chasing Memories"
  7. "The Evil Within, Part I"
  8. "The Evil Within, Part II"
  9. "Deliver Us From Evil"
  10. "---"