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• 3/23/2018

Your soundtracks are amazing

I just wanted to let you know that the soundtracks are amazing, do you make them? Or you get them somewhere? I loved one called "Calling all Heroes" but it got deleted.
Also, your work on making this website is amazing, so much work into it, that's very cool to see. I imagine how cool you campaings are, do you have stream or something?
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• 3/24/2018
Ooh I see! Where do you get these soundtracks (if you don't mind me asking)? I really would like to get more so I can listen throughout my days.
If you do record it, please send it here so I can watch it! The world seems very alive and well-made, I've read the timeline, the adventures and some other topics, it amazed me how well put it is, great job!
• 3/27/2018
I get a lot of them from just movie scores and game soundtracks, as you might expect! However, a pretty lesser known and harder to acquire source is the tracks I get from AudioNetwork - a site that specialises in production music. I used to buy special tracks from there when I really HAD to have one, but then the prices rose really sharply :(

If you're looking for music, the best thing to do is just look for ages and in non-obvious places. Go on Spotify and start a playlist radio for a film score and click through it, you'll uncover some real gems!

Calling All Heroes was this track btw:

12. Hot Fuel - Need For Speed Movie Soundtrack
12. Hot Fuel - Need For Speed Movie Soundtrack YouTube
• 8/12/2018
Hey there again, thanks for the music. Can you tell me which one was "Theobold Returns" and "Survivors"?
• 8/20/2018
Ello! I had a fairly deep look around but I unfortunately cannot remember the source of those tracks for the life of me - sorry!

Might be a bit on the Clash of the Titans soundtrack somewhere, as I used a lot of that music as thematic backing for the character of Theobold. Hope that helps somewhat :)
• 9/11/2018
Thats alright, i thought they got deleted that's why I asked you! I see you posted a lot of new songs, making a new adventure? If yes, plan to stream it?
• 9/11/2018
Yep, I recently bombarded Fanburst with a bunch more tracks for the new and final campaign. We're two sessions deep at the moment. Unfortunately we're not streaming it, sorry! Maybe another game in the future, as this'll be the last for the setting (probably) but not the last game we ever do!
• 9/11/2018
Got it! Good luck with the adventure!
• 2/15/2019

With fanburst shutting down, I won't be able to use some of your tracks anymore sadly, they really upped my game but your tips helped my find some on my own so i thank you! If i can make a last request, could you show me where you got the "Melancholy Respite"? I've been using it as the theme of one of the villains for a long time.

• 2/16/2019

I'll look into the source of that one! In the meantime, I've made it downloadable on my fanburst!

And the whole ET4 album too is downloadable if you need to cherry pick some more.

RIP fanburst :(

Melancholy Respite by Kruggly
Melancholy Respite by Kruggly @thefanburst
• 2/19/2019

Thanks, you saved my skin!

RIP fanburst

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